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Understanding and Getting Started with Git

09 Oct 2018

In one of my previous articles I briefly discussed how software development teams function and why they have a nee...

Analysts are not Software Developers (but they should be)

09 Oct 2018

Over the last 14 years, I’ve been consistently working in the tech space and I’ve worked as an individual contribu...

How to use Jira

30 Jul 2016

This article is designed to provide some tips for how to use Jira when creating and updating tickets. If you haven...

What is Jira and why should I be using it?

09 Jul 2016

If you’ve never used Jira (or any other issue tracking software) then allow me to introduce you to Jira. If you a...

SQL Best Practices

21 May 2016

In this post I’m going to share some best practices for formating SQL that I’ve learned and used over the last 20 ...

Embracing & Championing Mistakes

09 Jan 2010

I’ve had a philosophy about embracing and championing mistakes for most of my life and how it has helped me to cre...