I am...
Brandon Southern

This is my personal website to provide you with a glimpse into a few aspects of my life. This site is mostly used to showcase some of my work to prospective clients and employers. Here you’ll find a few tidbits of information about what I’m passionate about, interesting projects that I work on, and my professional life.

My Job and Resume

My Job

If you're a Recruiter

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to highlight my relevant qualities and characteristics that I believe would allow me to succeed in this position. In my nearly 20 years of full-time work experience, I have worked across multiple industries to help solve the challenges that many companies are facing today. After reviewing my background, I am confident that you will find that my experiences and strengths are a great match for your company.

If you would like to learn more about some of the project that I have worked on, please check out my resume details.

I develop...
Sites and Software

Wit And Ale

Wit and Ale is my brewpub and the site is something that I designed and developed for my company. I started the company because I really wanted to create an experience for others. I wanted people to have a place where they could releax with their friends, have a great time, and also have great drinks.

I started out brewing beer, conducting user-studies, and product research. Once I became confident that I had a viable product I began writing hundreds of pages for my marketing and business plans. I also developed all of the site design, branding, and woodworking for the brewpub and did all of the manufacturing on the woodworkings.

Portfolio Endurance

Portfolio Endurance was a personal financial website that I wrote back in 2011. The site allowed users to calculate retirement, long-term financial needs, and life insurance. Unfortunately, one of my mistakes at that time was that I over-engineered the features and functionality for your everyday end-user. The site had a tremendous amount of capabilites and was honestly built for financial planners to manage a portfolio of client plans as opposed to the general public wanting to create their own plan.

Users could enter income and expenses from multiple sources for custom time periods of current and future dates. Aditional senarios could be created to vary the income and expense levels based on the death of a spouse. Further customization was achieved by allowing users to vary inflation levels and rates of return for different accounts, incomes, expenses, and time periods. It was a very powerful piece of software but I missed the mark on my target market at the time because I developed a product that financial planners wanted but that end-users didn't really want to take the time to use. I found it rather unfortunate because my original goal was to give everyday people the ability to create their own plans without needing to spend $1,000 on a plan from someone else.

The site has been off-line for quite some time but if you want to know more I'd be happy to discuss or whiteboard how to build a site like this and how all of the complex calcuations were designed.

Personal Site

My personal site. Need I say more? You're already here looking at it.


Things I've Built

I've been building furniture and other items since high school. But unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures but I do have a few project pictures. Much of my focus right now is around woodworking for WitAndAle and building the brand identity.

I'm debating if I should build more things and maybe sell them, but I'm holding off. Looking back, I've built cedar chests, dining tables, my night stands, end tables, entry table, headboard (that I diamond tufted apolstered...ya, I know...), custom jewerly chest. I'm just waiting to buy this elusive dream home so I can gut it and go all Pinterst on it. I'll be building all of the kitchen cabinets and wainscotting the whole thing.