I build...
With Wood

    Wit and Ale

    Wit and Ale is my brewpub and below are a few of the things that I've made. I did all of the designs as well as the woodworking for everything that you see. This is all part of my branding, identity, marketing, design, and woodworking projects that I do. Hope you like the work!

    Wit and Ale Tap Handles

    As part of my brewpub and brand identity, I designed and built these tap handles. These are made of solid cherry with a satin finish. The only parts that were stained were the raise lettering. I designed these in Illustrator, ported the file to VCarve, configured the tools as well as feeds and speeds, and milled this with a CNC router for some serious precision.

    Wit and Ale Guest Tap Handles

    Again, as part of my brewpub I made the guest tap handles to look similar to the Wit and Ale tap handles in order to keep the brand identity in tact.

    Wit and Ale Flight Holder

    Another part of the brewpub. I got frustrated with never seeing any real flight holders that had even a decent look to them. This led me to design my own version, which is quite unique. This is made of solid cherry with a satin finish. No stain was used and all of the text and images were created using a laser etching machine.

    Wit and Ale Checkout Pad

    More brewpub projects? Yes, I have a few. I wanted something very unique for the checkout pad to flow with the brand identity. This is a very simple design made of solid cherry and has the text etched with a laser engraving machine.

    Wit and Ale Menu Boards

    These menu boards go along with the look of everything else for the brewpub. Again, made with solid cherry with laser etched text. The paper menu on top of the board was something else that I designed in Illustrator.

    Wit and Ale Coasters

    I wanted to have great coasters that adhere to the brand identity, so I made them out of solid cherry. For an added touch, these have some pretty interesting and 'witty' phrases on the back with the logo etched on the front.

    Jewelry Chest

    I made this chest as a gift for someone. Again, using mahogany with an espresso stain, this chest is about the size of a large night stand. It has five drawers, with the bottom drawer being large enough for large braclets. There are two side drawers that have hooks for hanging neclaces.

    Entryway Table

    This entryway table was inspired by some very simple furniture designs from PotteryBarn. I really appreciate the simplistic look. This was made with my favorite wood, mahogany, and an espresso stain.


    This is a headboard that I was in the process of making. Doing the tufted look was a bit harder than I expected but I have a few tips. First, don't get the high-density foam!

    Cedar Chest

    I built this version of my cedar chest when I was in high school. It's a traditional frame and pannel design with no metal fasteners. The frame is held together with mortise and tenon joints, the sides are held together with rabbet joints, and then a little glue along the way. This chest is made of solid white oak, golden oak stain.


    Sorry about the picture but I found this laying around (and a bit dirty). But this is a bowl that I made on the lathe back in high school. Inspired by something that my dad made when he was in high school.

    Dining Room Table

    I made a very large (10 person) dining room table out of solid mahogany with an espresso stain. The design matches the entry way table and the jewelry chest, but I don't have any pictures of this project. I built it with two table leaves so that you could actually move the thing.